I’m incredibly excited to be teaching a class at NYU next semester in my former Grad School program, ITP.

The class is called “One Story, Seven Ways” and explores how adapting a story into different media forms change the way you express the narrative. The class description is below and I’ll release my syllabus in early January.

ITP also did me the honor of adding me to thier adjunct faculty page.


Course Title – One Story, Seven Ways 

“A work of art is realized when form and content are indistinguishable. When they are in synthesis. In other words, when they fuse.” – Paul Rand

Storytelling – the rehearsal of a narrative in a structured and meaningful way – can take many forms. This class asks how each form in which you tell a single story changes the way that the audience receives that narrative. You will choose a public domain short story and iterate upon it in seven different media. We will examine how to leverage the unique tools of each medium to best communicate a narrative. How do you articulate a character differently in audio versus performance? What part of your narrative is better suited to physical expression? Are there aspects of storytelling that a image or game just do better? After choosing your short story, you will adapt it to performance, audio, image sequence, physical/installation and as a system or game. Along the way, we will look at outstanding examples of storytelling in each medium and examine how the authors fused form and content. Syllabus.