FutureM, 2015

In October 2015, Elena co-presented “Storytelling in a Participatory Culture” on behalf of Campfire at SapientNitro with Campfire Chief Creative Officer, Mike Monello. The talk discussed how to design stories as participatory experiences using a combination of writing techniques, experience design and artificial intelligence.

Presentation Description

Not content to merely consume media, audiences participate on their own terms — appropriating and re-mixing content, responding in real time or inserting themselves into the story. In this participatory culture, how do you engage people without losing control of your narrative? How do you move beyond the “choose your own adventure” type of interactive storytelling to deliver a truly resonant branded experience? What is the role of data in the production process? Mike Monello and Elena Parker from Campfire will use multiple case studies to discuss the creative execution of participatory stories and to explore the use of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in creating ever-evolving content.

Twitter Chat

A few days before FutureM, Elena was asked to participate in a Twitter Chat with two other speakers. You can read a storify of the chat here. 



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