The Story Room

Creator | 2011

The Story Room is a narrative space that Elena created with Matt London and Hannah Davis. The design was to create a space in which the story can be unlocked at the user’s own discretion by hitting cues on the wall with a flashlight.

You enter a darkened room. As the light from your flashlight hits the walls, the room begins to speak to you, revealing secrets and emotions belonging to both you and the space itself. By exposing the props to light, you will come to know a character and unravel a secret tragedy.

To experience the entire story, you will have to unlock different clues in the correct order. Only after hearing the first two pieces of narration will you be able to explore the final act of the story, which will reveal itself after you discovers and places puzzles pieces on a mysterious box. Only then will have come to understand the Story Room’s narrative and experienced an full emotional journey within its contents.

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