El Rey Network: Slaves for Santánico

Creative Technologist/Manager Interactive Development


To promote El Rey Network’s new drama “From Dusk Til Dawn,” Campfire launched “Slaves for Santánico” – an interactive phone and social campaign where fans could become one of Santánico Pandemónium’s worshipers. Anyone who called Santánico’s hotline had a two minute long conversation with the demon godess, where she had one question: What would he do to prove himself? If Santánico accepted the caller’s offer, his or her quote card would appear on her customized tumblr.

Elena built the script structure, oversaw script development, play tested and taught the voice recognition system how to respond to users.

The program launched by promoting Santánico’s hotline in unique bar media, including talking urinal cakes, in locations in New York and LA, as well as rich media mobile spots that made it appear as though Santánico was calling the user.

Slaves for Santanico was named a finalist in the Cablefax Digital Awards for “Digital Marketing Campaign.”

Listen to one of the conversations on the Story Forward Podcast.

See more fan generated quotes at slavesforsantanico.com

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