Robot Hearts Stories

Writer, Story Developer, Associate Producer | 2011

Robot Hearts Stories is an experiential learning project from award winning storytelling pioneer Lance Weiler and creative producer Janine Saunders that uses collaboration and creative problem solving to put education directly in the hands of students. Two classrooms, a continent apart, had to work together and with the larger community to get a lost robot home.

Two class rooms in underprivileged neighborhoods, one in Montreal (French speaking) and the other in LA (English speaking), used math, science, history, geography and creative writing to help the robot make her way across North America. At the same time, Robot Hearts Stories extended beyond the classroom, as the project welcomed participants of all ages to shared their own passions in the form of a creative act involving a robot they printed, customized and documented.

Elena served as a story developer, writer and associate producer on the first iteration of this project, which continued to develop under a the name “Laika’s Adventure.” Elena did not contribute to further iterations.

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