NYPL: John Cage Unbound

Content Producer | 2011

John Cage Unbound is a living archive of John Cage’s work, featuring narrated performance videos by professional musicians, students, and performers from all walks of life. Presented by the New York Public Library for the performing arts, the site allows users to explore Cage’s manuscripts, learn from experienced musicians and upload their own interpretations of Cage’s work.

Elena worked as a content producer on John Cage Unbound, which launched several months after her departure from NYPL to attend graduate school. (James Murdoch wonderfully took the helm after her departure.)

She worked with Jonathan Haim, curator of American Music and The Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound, to select content from the collection to include and film. She also booked performers, solicited equipment donations, taped and edited performances, managed production interns and researched users/collaborators.

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Continue to explore the site at: http://exhibitions.nypl.org/johncage/ 

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