High Ground

Creator | 2013
“High Ground” is a mobile application that opens a portal between your phone and another world, providing a direct connection to the lives of characters and their journeys through a real-time narrative. See Elena’s Thesis presentation here.

In a parallel dimension, static-electric storms wreak havoc on day to day life. The storms cause electronics to glitch and falter, not only complicating characters’ lives, but also opening up a connection between your phone and theirs.Over a week-long experience, “High Ground” filters a story into day to day life via text messages, e-mails, audio, and data.

Created as a Masters Thesis for NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, “High Ground” was built using Javascript, HTML and CSS and then packaged for mobile using Phonegap. Currently, the first-round prototype covers 7 days of a 40 day experience.

Hear all of the audio on Soundcloud.

Cast & Crew:
Angie Janas as Etta
Carl Howell as George
Nathaniel Kent as Policeman, Hank, Waiter, Kurt and Bicyclist
Elena Parker as Mrs. Rutledge and Persis
Deniz Ayaz, Illustration
Matt Cook, Sound Recording

Read more about the process of making “High Ground” here.

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