Feather and Fork

Creator | 2012

Feather and Fork was an exploration in the presentation of animal as both subject and object through smell.

Created for the ITP Class “Animals, People and Those In Between,” Allesandra Villaamil, and I sought to create a sense of two sides of the Duck by presenting scents that brought to mind both the duck environment and a meal of duck. The scents become an evocation of character and a re-positioning of the smeller’s understanding of the duck as simultaneously a living organism and as an object of human consumption.

We produced aromatic oils by individually infusing ingredients into vegetable oil and then carefully combining them to produce two scents: feather [duck by the pond] and fork [a meal of roast duck]. The feather scent was created using soil, grass [sprouts], sardines and salt. The fork scent was created using thyme, onions, black pepper and cranberries.

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