Constellation of Stories

Creator | 2012

“Constellation of Stories” is a kinect hack that will allows the user to tell a story with his or her body and voice. The user is able to create your own constellation with the positioning of his or her joints and then embed audio about his or her story into the positioning of the “stars.” Later — when all of the stars are plotted in a single sky applet, anyone can hear and explore constellations that have been collected.

“Constellation of Stories” was created for the ITP Class Computational Cameras and presented as part of the Open Experience Design section of DIYDays NYC 2012. At DIYDays, not only did Elena open up the project for use, she also explained the process of hacking the kinect. Her goal was to explain to others how the kinect could be used by storytellers, particularly in creating generative story systems.

DIYDays is “a roving conference for those who create.”

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