NYPL: Biblion

Managing Editor | 2011
Biblion: The Boundless Library is an immersive experience through the New York Public Library’s collections. The first edition of this free iPad app takes readers on a gently curated and ultimately personalized tour of the New York 1939-1940 World’s Fair collection from the Library’s Manuscripts and Archives Division.

As the managing editor of the first edition of Biblion, I created the narrative structure; wrote about 60%-70% of the app’s content; surveyed and managed content; and solicited and managed contributions from 22 writers. Explore online here or:


In summer 2012, Biblion was one of 104 application selected for Apple’s inaugural group of apps in the App Store Essentials: Hall of Fame.

Biblion was also selected as one of Apple’s iPad Education apps of the year for 2011, was the #1 New and Noteworthy app in the iTunes store during the week of May 27, 2011 and was the Apple “iPad App of the Week” for the week of June 3, 2011. With more than 800 users submitting ratings, Biblion has maintained 4.5 stars in the App Store.

Biblion also received an Honorable Mention in the 2011 Knight Batten Awards

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